Mark Randall

The Importance of Mile Markers

You may know that mile markers, or mileposts, alert drivers of their location along an interstate or highway, but did you know about the other functions they serve? Mile markers are used to indicate the distance traveled within a state and the distance to a destination, such as a city or a town. The mileage…
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Superelevation – Know Your Transitions

Have you ever wondered what keeps a car from sliding off the road when you go around a curve? Or, have you ever noticed that it’s unnecessary to reduce speed for safety or comfort purposes when driving through a curve, even at high speed? The reason is superelevation.  Superelevation is the banking of the roadway…
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Pavement Markings – Should You Cross that Line?

Did you know that pavement markings are not as simple as you might think? Pavement markings are used to convey many different messages to the driver, signaling which part of the road to use and where passing is allowed. Pavement markings use two primary indicators – color and line style – to relay information to…
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