Sain Speedtable
Cut-through traffic and speeding issues on local roadways are two of the more common complaints that city engineers and public
In April 2020, Carvana, a cutting-edge leader in online automotive sales, contracted Sain Associates to perform surveying, civil, and traffic
Sain Problem solving
Sain’s 50th anniversary includes all the qualities of a great American success story – vision, hard work, and collaboration. Charles “Hack”
Sain Bible Study
In his best-selling memoir Tuesdays with Morrie, author Mitch Albom writes about a series of visits he made to his
While some companies and bosses may take a more hands-off approach to being part of their employees’ lives, that’s not
Sain Distracted Driving
You and your family are driving to Grandma’s for Easter weekend. You’re at the wheel and get a call from
“This is the first Christmas party I am throwing as head of the party planning committee. The theme is “Nights
While I’ve been managing projects at Sain Associates for more than 30 years, I’ve also led our marketing and business
Sain Mentoring
When you think of mentoring, what comes to mind? An older senior executive partnering with a young up and comer?
Sain AGP
This past month, I had the privilege to participate in Alabama Germany Partnership’s (AGP) 24th Annual Celebration Dinner at the Battle