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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data is at the root of millions of decisions worldwide. It is one of the cornerstones of any civil engineering project. At Sain Associates, we offer a full suite of GIS services. Our GIS data applications are essential for projects that need a solid foundation of well-developed, cost-effective enterprise systems that are custom fitted to our client’s needs. Our geographical data experts use several well-established GIS technology suites—and the latest GIS software—to offer a comprehensive suite of well-rounded services.

GIS Applications at Sain Associates

At Sain Associates, we evaluate existing client mapping and information systems, and create a strategic project plan for successfully implementing a GIS. Our team offers a range of services, like conversion to GIS from CAD, paper maps, and older GIS formats; development of new data from various sources; integration of other database systems with GIS; and cleanup, update, and correction of existing data. These and more are all part of our data services.

To meet the needs of our clients, Sain Associates employs multi-level quality control measures and automated computer procedures.

Why Use Geographic Information Systems?

While it might seem like too many map layers, geographical features, and data, GIS systems have several real-life applications that can benefit all projects. Here are some of the most practical reasons to implement geographic information systems in new projects.

Modeling Topology:

We can perform spatial modeling between geometric entities by analyzing topological relationships to determine adjacency, containment, and proximity.

Hydrological Simulation:

GIS hydrological models can add slope, aspect, and watershed variables to provide spatial element data other hydrological models lack. Because water always flows downward, terrain analysis is essential in hydrology. The direction of surface runoff and flow accumulation can be determined by slope and aspect.

Cartographic Design:

Cartographic modeling is the process of creating, processing, and analyzing several thematic layers for simulation or optimization models.


Interpolation is the process of creating a surface, typically a raster dataset, from data collected at several sample points. Digital elevation models, triangulated irregular networks, edge-finding algorithms, Thiessen polygons, Fourier analysis, (weighted) moving averages, inverse distance weighting, kriging, spline, and trend surface analysis are all mathematical methods for producing interpolative data.

Broadband Planning:

Sain Associates has developed a comprehensive, map-based approach to evaluating broadband infrastructure that incorporates the visual and spatial analytical aspects of GIS technology.

If you would like to discuss how GIS can benefit your project, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your needs.

  • GIS at Sain Associates

    At Sain Associates, our team of professionals offers a complete package of services relating to GIS tools and data. Our GIS services include:

    • Project Development
    • GIS Systems Setup and Maintenance
    • GIS Data
    • GIS Solution-Based
    • Database
    • Data Maintenance
    • Data Conversion
    • Data Analysis
    • Map Production
    • Web Map Implementation
    • Software Upgrade
    • Custom Training
    • Technical Support
    • Data Collection
    • GIS Analysis
    • Broadband Planning
  • The Importance of Data

    When it comes to any geographic context, data is vital. Our team of professionals can offer you several data services relating to your GIS system. We offer each of our clients an easy-to-understand package of data that consists of:

    • Satellite Data
    • Raster Data
    • Spatial Data
    • Parcel Data

    Included are many other technical aspects relating to GIS data. We can help you quickly understand how the different data layers and vector formats impact your project, and how to use these to your advantage.

    So, whether you have pre-existing knowledge regarding spatial relationships, need our expert advice and a service provider that can collect and store data, or need full GIS with in-depth analysis, our team is here to support you.

Clients Served by Sain Associates

Our portfolio of geographical information system clients comes from many different markets. Our 30+ years of experience in the geographic data field has enabled us to be among the top GIS data firms in Alabama and across the Southeast.

  • Utilities

    At Sain Associates, we have worked with several prime utility clients. Our work includes:

    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Electric
    • Storm Water
    • Natural Gas
    • Petroleum
    • Telecommunications
  • Government

    With several government contracts, our team has practical experience within the government and military sectors. Included are:

    • Air Force Bases
    • Navy Bases
    • Marine Bases
    • Corps of Engineers
    • Counties
    • Cities
  • Unique GIS Solutions

    Our portfolio of projects includes many varied applications of GIS, including:

    • School Campus Mapping
    • Cemetery Mapping
    • Bus Routing for School Systems
    • Roadway Linear Reference Systems
    • Work Order Management
    • Shipyard Management
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