Civil Engineering, Transportation Planning & Engineering, GIS, Land Surveying, & CE&I

Each project is undertaken with the utmost care to deliver optimal results. Our pride rests in the quality of work and ethics we maintain. At Sain Associates, we appreciate working with a variety of clients to produce results and improve our knowledge base.

Our team of consultants have a wide range of experience and resources to offer each client a full suite of services, data, and guidance to make the right choices for their respective projects.

Working with Public and Private Clients

At Sain Associates, we have worked with numerous public and private sector clients.

Our portfolio of clients includes municipal and government agencies, educational institutions, health care facilities, architects, commercial and retail developers, and state departments of transportation across a range of civil engineering and surveying projects.

Multi-disciplined Services

When a client chooses our firm, they not only benefit from a team of engineers – they benefit from a fit-for-purpose project management team and consultants that understand the industry and its specific guidelines.

Our team strives to develop and build solid relationships with our clients and deliver unique solutions, from site design to providing turn-key traffic signal systems. Our team has produced celebrated projects, overcome complex challenges, and developed inspiring solutions. These have been completed in the name of client satisfaction—with a heavy reliance on the best techniques 50+ years of civil engineering experience can offer.

Our Services Include:

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering team specializes in designing retail, commercial, industrial, residential, and governmental developments with a range of projects that vary in size from as small as a few thousand square feet to more than a million square feet (on parcels from under an acre to over one thousand acres). Our civil engineering services include master planning, site design, etc. Learn more for a complete list of our civil engineering services and the departmental team leads.

Transportation Planning & Engineering

Our team maintains on-call contracts for transportation services with the Alabama Department of Transportation and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Our transportation portfolio includes expertise in planning, design, and optimization of transportation facilities to provide lasting value to both private and public sector clients. To find out more about our transportation planning and engineering services and team leader contact info, learn more.

Professional Land Surveying

One of the best ways to describe surveyors is to say that they are the eyes and ears of property owners. Our surveyors are licensed to provide high-quality services to municipal and government agencies, architects, commercial/retail developers, universities, and manufacturing plants in Alabama. For more information about our complete list of surveying services and to get in touch with our team, click here.

Geographic Information Systems

Sain Associates uses multi-level quality control measures and automated computer procedures to produce the best quality data possible. From GIS maps to GIS data, our team of civil engineering experts utilizes the latest in GIS technology—compatible with a variety of different web browsers and interfaces to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Our team uses project management skills and technical expertise for each new geographic information system. If you would like to work with our GIS manager or find out more about our geographic information system suite of services, you can learn more here.

Construction Engineering & Inspection

Our team of project managers and on-site service crews deliver a broad range of construction engineering and inspection services to both public and private clients across Alabama. Equipped with ground-up construction expertise, our team will focus on helping your project stay on schedule and within budget. For more information or to get in touch with our project management team, click to learn more.

Navigating Services at Sain Associates

At Sain Associates, we respond proactively to our client’s needs, whether during initial consultation or during a project. We strive to ensure your project is managed right from start to finish. Our team of engineers, designers, and surveyors are ready to take your project dreams and turn them into reality. Get in touch with a team member today.

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