Walktober – Wellness Program

This October Sain Associates is stepping up our physical activity in a friendly walking competition, Walktober.  Sain has five teams competing to be Walktober Winners, and the teams are sporting team badges to display their creative names and team pride.

The Walktober challenge is part of a new wellness program we started this year. During October, our walking teams have earned points for reaching their personal step goal and participating in bonus challenges. This week’s challenge involves a Pumpkin Walk. It’s for those who have no shame and are desperate to earn extra points. They must walk around our very large office parking lot carrying a pumpkin for all the world to see!

Aside from watching the teams carry a pumpkin around, the best part for me has been watching the competitive spirit unfold. The teams have coordinated lunch-walks to nearby restaurants, climbed the stairs together, and decorated their office spaces with Walktober badges. This competition was designed to promote healthy choices, but our teams stepped it up by creating a fun, competitive atmosphere as well.

After weeks of strategizing and, of course, walking, we will finally crown the winning team on Halloween. Stay tuned to Sain’s social media to see who will triumph as the 2019 Walktober Champions.