Walktober: Walking to Wellness

It’s October, so our team is busy counting their steps as part of Walktober, our annual wellness competition. Each participant sets personal goals, enjoys friendly competition, and participates in weekly challenges in the hopes of increasing step count and physical activity. This year’s overall theme is “Monopoly Madness.” In addition to shaking up the weekly challenges, our Monopoly theme has led to a creative t-shirt design for the competition and a fun point system based on monopoly money.

One of the best parts of Walktober is the opportunity to participate with a team. This year, we have seven teams – our highest participation to date! During the first week of the competition, teams met and decided on their team names. Team banners were created to accompany each team name and encourage team spirit. Some of the teams went above and beyond by incorporating the Monopoly concept in their team names, and the team with the most creative name received additional monopoly money points. Which team do you think is the most creative?

The second week of Walktober introduced personal challenges. Teams were given the opportunity to earn extra points if team members participated in the following challenges:

  • Social Challenge – Write and send a thank you note to someone to express gratitude.
  • Nutrition Challenge – Up your greens and eat at least three servings of vegetables for three days.
  • Mental Challenge – Complete three mindfulness activities, which could include journaling, desk yoga, or writing a gratitude list.

Temperatures dropped significantly during the third week of the competition, making it a little less desirable for our Walktoberites to get outside and be active. Fortunately, the weather was more agreeable by the weekend, and competitors could enjoy the fresh air without shivering. Below are a few photos from people exploring hiking trails to walking in their neighborhood.

This week is the final week of Walktober, and everyone is anxiously waiting to know which team will be named the 2022 champion. Stay tuned to our social media to see who will win this exciting competition!