Walktober – Wellness Competition

During the month of October, we were busy counting our steps as a part of Walktober, our annual wellness competition. Now that the walking battle is over, I wanted to share some of my favorite things about this competition:

  • Everyone can participate.

Instead of rewarding just the top steppers, Walktober takes a personalized approach. Each competitor sets their step goal, and for every day they reach their goal, they earn points for their team. This approach encourages increasing your activity in reasonable increments so that everyone with differing fitness levels can compete and contribute to their team’s success.

  • There’s time to connect with your coworkers.

Some of the best parts of Walktober have everything to do with our Sain employees. They embrace the challenges with a competitive spirit. Each team is lead by a Team Captain who acts as the hype-person for their team.

There are also bonus challenges, where teams can earn extra points. For one of the challenges, teams were tasked with spending at least 20 minutes outside, so at lunch, employees went outside to play cornhole. This was a great way to connect with one another safely during a time when socializing is made more complicated by COVID-19.

On another day, Luana, one of our Traffic engineers in the Huntsville office, led a Virtual Stretch and Flex, where we met for 10 minutes to complete stretches that were perfect for those working at a desk all day.

  • And, of course, there are fun rewards along the way!

Throughout the competition, individuals earned badges for accomplishing their step goals, completing challenges, or if they were nominated by a coworker for being an encourager for the team. Below are a few of the badges that people earned:

But, most importantly, the team with the most points at the end of the competition walked away with wireless headphones to assist them in all their future fitness goals.

Congratulations, Not Fast Just Furious! When you use your headphones, may you always hear the sound of your Walktober victory!