Virtual Training during COVID-19

It was just before 1 pm on a Friday in June. With in-person meetings going virtual due to COVID-19, a car ride commute was not part of my schedule. Instead, I turned on my laptop and was ready for my virtual coaching call with Vengreso’s “Selling with LinkedIn” course.

Earlier that week, I started the first module of the 3-month training program. The training format included on-demand videos and other interactive tools, such as forums and online assessments. The online format was helpful because I could incorporate the training into my regular, day-to-day work routine.

Although it is an entirely virtual experience, some elements make it feel more valuable than in-person instruction. Below are three takeaways from my online training experience during this pandemic:

  • Network with a diverse group of speakers and participants

Online learning allows participants to engage with others from around the globe. For example, the virtual coaching call included attendees from the United States, Canada, and England. It was interesting to hear about others’ experiences, knowing that we came from different backgrounds.

  •  Appreciate the hassle-free experience

In-person training sometimes involves travel. With online training, say goodbye to additional expenses like flight tickets and hotel reservations. All you need is a computer, pen or pencil, and a notepad.

  • Enjoy the flexible learning environment

Virtual training courses allow attendees to participate from anywhere. If you have an internet connection, you can access the materials in your home or a public place like a coffee shop.

COVID-19 has impacted how we conduct business, network with others, and attend seminars. Many of my coworkers are attending virtual conferences this year, like ITE’s Virtual Annual Meeting and Exhibition. One positive outcome of a virtual conference is that more team members can participate because travel costs are no longer associated with the event.

If you come across an opportunity to attend a virtual conference or take an online course, sign up and give it a chance. You will be exposed to new content and meet others with the same interests. Plus, you can enjoy the experience without all the hassle typically involved with in-person meetings.