The Heights: Sustainable Community Living

One of Sain Associates’ latest residential projects, The Heights, is a mixed-use development in Irondale, Alabama, that offers residents a high-quality living experience. Our Site team began conceptual planning for the development in late 2019, with site work commencing in 2021. The first homes were ready for lease in early 2022, and today, the development boasts 179 zero-lot line detached units and attached townhomes, complete with amenity areas.

The Heights is a private subdivision, rezoned as a planned-unit development district to facilitate its unique design. Sain Associates worked closely with Tower Homes to obtain the necessary zoning variances and city approvals. The development is primarily made up of single-family detached units with a similar footprint to traditional townhomes. This innovative style is becoming increasingly popular in multifamily developments, making The Heights an exciting and forward-thinking project.

The site’s steep terrain posed a significant challenge for the design team, with an elevation change of over 100′. However, careful planning of the horizontal and vertical layout of homes and roads minimized the amount of soil and rock that had to be moved, preserving the site’s existing topography. The efficient use of space and sloping between rows of homes also helped limit the need for excessive retaining walls. The site’s high elevations required the construction of a booster pump station to increase water pressure for fire-flow demand, which was successfully coordinated by our team with the Irondale Water System and their engineers.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of The Heights is its commitment to responsible stormwater management. The development includes four different stormwater management ponds, each designed to reduce stormwater discharges to rates lower than the pre-development condition for 2 through 25-year storms and provide water quality treatment for the 1.1″ storm event.

Overall, Sain Associates is proud to have been a part of this luxury community living space, which offers residents a unique and innovative living experience. With plans already underway to expand the residential portion of the site with 20 new townhomes and develop two buildings for future commercial use, The Heights is a development to watch!