Walktober: Walking to Wellness

It’s October, so our team is busy counting their steps as part of Walktober, our annual wellness competition. Each participant sets personal goals, enjoys friendly competition, and participates in weekly challenges in the hopes of increasing step count and physical activity. This year’s overall theme is “Monopoly Madness.” In addition to shaking up the weekly…
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Walktober – Wellness Competition

During the month of October, we were busy counting our steps as a part of Walktober, our annual wellness competition. Now that the walking battle is over, I wanted to share some of my favorite things about this competition: Instead of rewarding just the top steppers, Walktober takes a personalized approach. Each competitor sets their…
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Walktober – Wellness Program

This October Sain Associates is stepping up our physical activity in a friendly walking competition, Walktober.  Sain has five teams competing to be Walktober Winners, and the teams are sporting team badges to display their creative names and team pride. The Walktober challenge is part of a new wellness program we started this year. During…
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