Ensuring Safe and Efficient Railroad Crossings

Railroad intersections are an essential component of a transportation network as they facilitate the movement of goods and passengers. However, they pose a significant safety risk if not properly designed and maintained. This is where engineering for railroad intersections comes into play. Engineering services for railroad intersections involve the design, construction, maintenance, and inspection of…
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Strategic Crash Mitigation – A Low-Cost Approach

A few weeks ago, I was traveling out of state to meet my newborn niece for the first time. My wife and I encountered many rural roadways that needed some TLC along the way. To my wife’s amusement, my engineer’s brain could not stop noticing all the deficiencies of the roadways. Abrupt curves with no…
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The Story behind Exit 46

Many Southern Middle Tennessee drivers have already traveled through the work zone at Exit 46 on Interstate 65 (I-65) in Maury County. The construction will last approximately three years, but the process started nearly two decades ago. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) contracted with Sain Associates in 2002 to begin planning for modification of…
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