Sain Employees

2021 Recap and Looking Forward to 2022

2021 was an outstanding year, and I’m grateful for our excellent clients and great staff. The most exciting highlight of the year included our announcement of Sain’s new company ownership program and the addition of three new associates – Nathan Currie, Paul Gilliam, and Jeff Stephenson.  It was an award-winning year at Sain. Awards included:  Other highlights…
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Ensuring Employee Engagement in Your Firm

Here at Sain, we know a huge part of achieving success in our firm can be attributed to our employees, so we are constantly looking for ways to engage them. In a nutshell, employee engagement is an employee’s emotional connection with the firm’s mission and goals. By ensuring that employees are engaged, team projects go…
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Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Greer

Jeremy Greer recently returned to Sain Associates where he began his traffic engineering career in 2004. He is a registered Professional Engineer and serves as an Assistant Project Manager, meaning his days consist of keeping assigned projects within budget and on schedule for completion, submission, and approval. Jeremy loves the team atmosphere at Sain, “Having the…
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