Sain Community


2020 has been a whirlwind, and it is a year that no one will forget. Over the last several months, we have transitioned into the new normal of working from home. However, it wasn’t so easy at first, and at times it could feel lonely. At Sain, we thrive on company gatherings and fellowship with…
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Why We Love Sain – Our Culture

In 1972, Hack Sain founded Sain Associates, and in our training room, we have a framed shadow box of Hack’s old design instruments. Although these tools are now relics, they reflect our history and remind us of how much we have evolved. Just as engineering has moved forward, incorporating better technology, our firm has continued…
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What’s In Your Backpack?

An old motto that has echoed the hallways at Sain Associates for many years is “Learn, Earn, and Return”.  As school comes to an end and summer begins, we reflect on the “return” being invested into building a future of engineers.  With this, we would like to share a special story about a special teacher….
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