Land Survey

Did you know? Surveying Basics

One of the best ways to describe surveyors is to say that we are the eyes and ears of property owners. Many property owners, public or private, are not always familiar with the land they are trying to develop or improve. By doing a survey, we can show and note on a survey any easement,…
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History of Technologies in Survey

The practice of surveying dates back to 3000 BC when the Egyptians had to re-establish farmland boundaries after the flooding of the Nile. Land surveying methods were also used in the construction of the Great Giza Pyramid. Today, land surveying is a sophisticated scientific technique that uses technology to measure and determine points on the…
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Retracement of the Terminus of the Huntsville Meridian

The United States Public Land Survey was established by the Land Ordinance of 1785 to plat property for sale and settling. In 1807, Major Thomas Freeman, Deputy U.S. Surveyor, established a marker on Alabama‚Äôs state line and began surveying south toward the middle of the state. The line, known as the Huntsville Meridian, is the…
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