The Importance of Mile Markers

You may know that mile markers, or mileposts, alert drivers of their location along an interstate or highway, but did you know about the other functions they serve? Mile markers are used to indicate the distance traveled within a state and the distance to a destination, such as a city or a town. The mileage…
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The Story behind Exit 46

Many Southern Middle Tennessee drivers have already traveled through the work zone at Exit 46 on Interstate 65 (I-65) in Maury County. The construction will last approximately three years, but the process started nearly two decades ago. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) contracted with Sain Associates in 2002 to begin planning for modification of…
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Interstate Access Requests

Did you know the state departments of transportation oversee all construction and maintenance of our Interstate System, but the federal government maintains oversight to interstate access?  Therefore, any change of access to the Interstate System requires approval by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  I recently attended an FHWA workshop at the Tennessee Department of Transportation…
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