US-411 Corridor Feasibility Study

St. Clair County, AL




Sain Associates prepared a corridor study to review the feasibility to improve US-411 from Park Avenue to Sanie Road, approximately five miles. The purpose of the project was to increase the capacity of the US-411 corridor and improve traffic operations. The study included documentation of existing and expected transportation system operational conditions and deficiencies, identification of potential alternatives for improvement, evaluation of potential positive and negative impacts to the study area and adjacent properties that may be associated with each possible improvement alternative, and prioritization of options. The alternatives analyzed for the project included both a three-lane and five-lane section.

In addition to the corridor study, Sain prepared a topographic survey. The survey limits included 17 side roads that connect to US-411. We obtained topographic data on approximately 220 acres. The project affected around 250 landowners. We researched deed information and performed field surveys to establish the existing right-of-way within the project limits. The surveys and CAD files assisted the design team in determining the best option for widening the roadway.

Widening the five-mile corridor is a long-term vision. However, since delays are already experienced along the corridor, Sain recommended short-term improvements at several intersections. Sain has prepared environmental studies and design plans for turn lanes, drainage improvements, new traffic signals, traffic signal modifications, and right-of-way acquisitions at the intersections of Park Avenue, Kerr Road, and Sanie Road with US-411. The intersection funding sources range from locally sponsored to federally funded through the MPO and include ATRIP II funding through ALDOT.

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