Tennessee Highway Safety Improvement Program Implementation Plan

PARTNER: TDOT Safety Office

PARTNER: Other key program managers within TDOT

Sain Associates was retained by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to prepare a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Implementation Plan to comply with the requirements of Title 23 USC, Section 148(i) and associated Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidance. The HSIP Implementation Plan was required because Tennessee did not meet its safety performance targets in calendar year 2020. Since this was the first year that Tennessee’s safety performance targets were not met, it was also TDOT’s first Implementation Plan.

Throughout the project, our team worked closely with members of TDOT’s safety office as well as other key program managers within the department. Our goals included the following:

  • Deliver an FHWA-compliant document with a compressed schedule.
  • Analyze the state’s safety performance data.
  • Identify roadway features that constitute a hazard to road users.
  • Conduct a data-supported assessment of TDOT’s current HSIP program activities and expenditures.
  • Identify program gaps and noteworthy practices.
  • Recommend actions to address any identified HSIP program gaps.

We worked closely with TDOT staff and FHWA to assure clear understanding of the requirements to make sure the plan thoroughly addressed each item. The collaborative process helped us identify and gain support for recommendations, which made the review process very efficient.

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