Regional East Alabama Logistics Park

Macon County, AL

DESIGN-BUILDER:  Doster Construction


FLOOD WAY/PLAIN DELINEATION: Hydro Engineering Solutions, LLC

In 2020, Sain was contracted to provide topographic and ALTA surveys, platting, and site design for a 169,000 SF spec building (Building 100) in the Regional East Alabama Logistics (REAL) park. This site is part of over 680 acres of land in REAL Park and serves as the park’s first structure.

Located directly off Interstate 85 in Macon County, Alabama, investors sought the land for its centralized location within the Southeastern Automotive Corridor. REAL Park is currently seeking state and national funding to develop additional sites at the location and bring economic growth to the area.  

Sain partnered with the architect to produce multiple park master plans for future phases of REAL Park. The site design for Building 100 was a great location to begin work as it was previously operated as a sod farm. The existing flat soil did not require extensive grading, yet our Site team worked closely with the geotechnical consultant and structural engineers to develop under draining. This was necessary due to the site’s location near the flood plain.

There were no preexisting utilities on the site, so we worked with the Utilities Board of Tuskegee to bring the necessary infrastructure to the location for this building and the many more to come. Initially, a water tank for fire protection and an on-site septic system were installed to construct Building 100.

Sain also provided a Traffic Impact Study for the nearby roadways, which was required by ALDOT and Macon County to gain access to the site through existing roadways. Sain also provided mass grading construction documents for the Phase I site and roadway in the park.

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