Redland Road / Firetower Road Intersection

Elmore County, AL


CULTURAL RESOURCES STUDY: Panamerican Consultants, Inc.

In 2012, Sain was contracted by Elmore County to review several intersections, including Redland Road (CR-8) and Firetower Road/Dozier Road (CR-59). The crash data obtained for a three-year period from 2009-2011 at Redland Road and Firetower Road/Dozier Road indicated 12 total crashes, with a predominance of angle crashes. Six of the seven angle crashes resulted from vehicles failing to yield the right-of-way and turning in front of oncoming vehicles, and one angle crash was attributed to an intoxicated driver. 

Although roundabouts had been implemented in the United States for many years, in 2012 they were not popular or familiar in Alabama. Sain Associates reviewed several build options for the intersection to improve both safety and operations. A roundabout was ideal for the intersection because of its crash history, traffic volume and proportionality of daily volumes on each approach and speeding issues along Redland Road. Conversion to a roundabout was predicted to reduce the overall number of crashes and lessen their severity. Crashes within roundabouts tend to be less severe since the roundabout geometry reduces vehicular speeds and changes the angle of conflicting vehicles from 90 degrees to an oblique angle more associated with a side-swipe collision.

The County approved the recommended roundabout option and obtained funding from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) to fund the design and construction of the project. Design began in late 2016, and Sain progressed the design to obtain the necessary approvals from ALDOT and other agencies while coordinating with all utility companies on impacts and relocations required of their facilities. The County obtained the necessary right of way and easements for the project.

In March 2021, ALDOT bid the project. Construction started in August 2021 and concluded in May 2022. Excluding the cost of utility relocations, the total construction was budgeted for $1.25 million, and the actual construction cost was $1.2 million. Sain provided Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I) services for the project. 

Following construction, the County has received positive feedback, even from members of the public that were initially opposed to the roundabout. The County is continuing to improve the intersection further by installing lighting and landscaping. The Redland Road / Firetower Road Roundabout was a cornerstone project in Elmore County’s mission to reduce fatalities along a major commuter route and introduce the community to their first local roundabout. The roundabout was also the first to be reviewed and approved by ALDOT’s Local Transportation Bureau and will lead the way for many more to come. Elmore County is pleased to have this safer intersection in its community!

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