Huntsville Executive Airport Runway Rehabilitation

Meridianville, AL

CLIENT: Huntsville Executive Airport

In September of 2021, Sain Associates began a runway rehabilitation project at the Huntsville Executive Airport in Madison County, Alabama. The goal of the project was to rehabilitate the surface condition of the runway that was constructed over 20 years ago. Longitudinal and black cracking had begun to occur, and proper rehabilitation was necessary for successful aviation practices. The project included the mill and asphalt overlay of the 6,200 feet runway, including approximately 74,000 square yards of milling and 8,500 tons of asphalt wearing surface. The runway rehabilitation project also included grooving and remarking the runway.

One of the unique challenges of this project, along with many other aviation projects, was the requirement for milling, paving and grooving operations to be performed at night. Nighttime construction was necessary to allow the runway to operate from 7am to 7pm throughout the project’s duration. Sufficient portable lighting was necessary for this unique construction operation. The project was completed in December 2021.

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