Gulf Distributing Co.

McCalla, Alabama


ALUMINUM BOX CULVERT DRAWINGS: Contech Engineered Solutions

In 2022, the new distributing facility for Gulf Distributing Co. was completed in McCalla, Alabama. Centrally located in the state and southwest of Birmingham, the Jefferson Metropolitan Park was an excellent location for distributing the company’s products.

This 163,500 square-foot beverage distribution facility and 4,800 square-foot truck maintenance building are surrounded by an employee parking lot, a truck docking bay, and new connecting roadway. The project began with a topographic survey of the site in early 2021, along with the initial site design process. By the end of March and into early April, Sain completed the site design documents and issued for permitting.

Sain partnered with Contech Engineered Solutions and ARCO/Murray on this extensive project. As with many industrial site design projects, the ultimate goal was to meet the project schedule while producing a final design that minimized construction costs.

Every site has its own set of challenges, and this lot in the Jefferson Metropolitan Park sat beside the flood plain and back from the nearby road. To tackle the flood plain issue, we had to find a balance between our site design work and meeting local guidelines. Minimizing the importation of off-site materials to build up the pad foundation was imperative in keeping costs low.

Due to the site sitting back from the main road, Sain’s Infrastructure and CE&I teams designed Cross Drive. Working simultaneously with our Site team, the Infrastructure and CE&I teams worked with Jefferson County to design the road leading up to the distribution facility and coordinated the necessary utilities.

Sain is proud to have worked on this industrial design project for Gulf Distributing Co. We look forward to seeing the company grow into their new distribution center and bring new jobs to the McCalla area.

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