Paving the Way for Jasper’s Road Revival

Sain Associates has been working with the City of Jasper for many years providing pavement management services.  Earlier this year, Sain personnel evaluated all roadways within the City limits and prioritized paving needs into two resurfacing projects.  Sain is also the CE&I (Construction Engineering and Inspection) services provider for all major resurfacing projects for the City.

As part of the first project, one of the priorities was the repair of 9th Avenue: a heavily used street in Jasper that had long been plagued by maintenance issues. Persistent potholes were primarily attributed to old utility patches and a deteriorating concrete base layer.  

In collaboration with the City’s Public Works Team and Wiregrass Construction, Sain devised an innovative solution – the installation of a geosynthetic fiberglass grid beneath the wearing layer of the pavement. The grid is designed to mitigate pavement loads and prevent new crack formation.

This forward-thinking approach ensured the longevity of the road and substantial cost and time savings compared to traditional pavement rehabilitation methods. In his announcement of the project, Mayor David O’Mary shed light on how these innovative ideas can result in direct cost savings for the City.

Wiregrass Construction was an excellent partner for this project. Wiregrass operates an asphalt production facility in the City of Jasper. Sourcing materials locally not only contributes to the City’s economy but also ensures high-quality paving materials for the project.

Sain Associates is honored to be part of this vital ongoing project, and we remain committed to providing top-notch CE&I services to ensure its continued success. We applaud the City of Jasper for its vision and are excited to witness the transformation of 9th Avenue and other areas around town. Together, we pave the way for smoother, safer streets and a brighter future for the City of Jasper.