Over Three Decades at the Galleria

If you live in the Birmingham area, you may frequent the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover for some last-minute gifts this holiday season! Did you know that Sain has been an instrumental force behind the engineering and surveying developments at the iconic Galleria for over three decades? Our involvement has spanned from the original survey of the property to more recent ALTA surveys of Galleria Circle and various engineering projects.

The Galleria has long been an economic powerhouse in the Hoover area since its opening in 1986 by developer Jim Wilson & Associates. Today, the mall still ranks as the largest enclosed shopping center in the state and hosts multiple out-parcel stores, a major hotel, restaurants, and entertainment hubs.

Sain’s involvement at the Galleria has shown a great depth of our services. We provided initial surveys and survey updates as the mall expanded and transformed with new tenants, engineered significant components like the Costco pad-ready site, and provided traffic and transportation engineering services in the area.

These services have not only reshaped the landscape but also brought about substantial economic and community benefits. Extending beyond the Galleria, Sain has contributed to the development of Municipal Drive and the Patton Creek Shopping Center.

The design of the Galleria and Patton Creek’s connector road, Chapel Lane, stands as a testament to the impact of engineering on economic development, as it allowed the public easier access across a busy interstate (I-459) to the Galleria and Patton Creek. Since the construction of Chapel Lane, Hoover has witnessed extensive growth in the areas surrounding the Galleria.

Sain has encountered many challenges on projects at the Galleria, including managing high traffic during projects, site grading at a location with rough terrain that sparked environmental concerns, and complex drainage challenges. Our ability to address these issues while ensuring sustainable and efficient solutions has been crucial to the Galleria’s success.

The uniqueness of the Galleria project stands out in today’s context, considering the shifting landscape of retail and mall developments. It’s a testament to the visionary planning and foresight that went into its creation in the 80s and the ongoing adaptations it requires due to changes in business ownership and market dynamics.

As the landscape of mall developments evolves, our lessons learned from projects at the Galleria remain invaluable. We continue to emphasize maintaining quality records, permanent controls, and monuments in surveying. These not only serve as a historical record but also as a guide for future projects, ensuring a legacy of knowledge that endures several decades.

The story of our involvement at the Galleria is truly a testament to the power of engineering and surveying in shaping not just infrastructure but entire communities. The Galleria’s impact on the City of Hoover’s economic development is a legacy that will be felt for generations to come.