Meet the Administrative Team

Let us introduce ourselves – we are Sain Associates’ Administrative Team! Like many companies, our team consists of many different roles that work together to ensure a seamless workplace.

Human Resources and Operations

At the heart of every great company is a strong and vibrant culture. Sain’s culture is shaped by our Human Resources Manager, Caroline Young. She ensures that our organization maintains our standard of “A Great Place to Work.” Throughout our recruitment process, we look beyond just skillsets to find individuals who resonate with our core values and vision. Once on board, we guide and develop our employees through lunch-and-learn trainings and mentorship opportunities.

Becky White, PTP, is Sain’s COO and an orchestrator of efficiency and excellence within Sain. She oversees a wide array of responsibilities, from strategic planning to streamlining operations and ensuring that our company’s goals and objectives are not only met but surpassed. Her leadership is marked by a remarkable ability to wear many hats: adapting to different situations and guiding our team along the way.

Accounting and Finance

Our accounting team members, LaToya Carney and Ginger Raughton, led by our CFO, Vann Rutledge, work hard to ensure that every financial aspect of our company runs smoothly. From handling invoicing to managing expenses and payroll, they make sure that every financial transaction is accounted for. Their accuracy and transparency ensure the trust of our clients and partners, fostering a culture of integrity and reliability.

Their expertise has been crucial in guiding our company’s growth and investment decisions.


Our marketing team consists of our Marketing Manager, Mary Hope Kalin, and our Marketing Coordinator, Alyssa Hochstetler. The team is led by our Business Development Leader, Joe Meads, P.E. This team take the reins when it comes to sharing Sain’s successes. The team ensures that our service areas resonate with the needs of both existing and potential clients. In addition to external communications, our marketing team is responsible for communicating our firm’s history, values, and strategic vision to our staff. They actively celebrate employee milestones and achievements, ensuring that every employee knows that their contribution is valued and recognized.

Information Technology

Our IT team is the technological backbone of our organization, and is led by our experienced IT Administrator, Joe Moon, and our IT Support Specialist, Joseph Armstrong. The team is responsible for maintaining and optimizing our digital infrastructure, which has become increasingly demanding over the years. During a time when hybrid work environments meet cyber security concerns and groundbreaking new technologies, the IT crew has been busy upgrading our systems to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Administrative Assistants

Defining the roles of our dedicated Administrative Assistants, Heather Turner and Tracy Rushing, can be challenging, primarily because they are the “jack of all trades” within our team. Their contributions are the glue that binds us together. Our Administrative Assistants handle a myriad of tasks to support every practice area at Sain. They also manage internal events and ensure all details are coordinated so we have not just a place to work but a place to grow, thrive, and celebrate together!