Intern Spotlight – Le’Aundra Baker

This summer, Sain welcomes three student interns to the team. A college internship provides a well-rounded learning environment that enhances classroom education with hands-on experience. Our summer interns obtain valuable experience working on real projects for Sain’s private and public clients.

Intern: Le'Aundra Baker

Meet Le’Aundra Baker. She is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in Civil Engineering. We sat down with Le’Aundra and asked her a few questions about her internship so far and what she plans to do after the summer.

Why did you want to intern at Sain?

I wanted to intern with Sain because I admire their extensive contribution to the Southeast. I also thought it would be a great way to gain insight and learn more about the projects they are involved with to further my experience in transportation.

What lessons have you learned during your internship?

I have learned the importance of having strong work relationships. Strong work relationships are important because they make work more enjoyable and improve team collaboration. Sain has a very family-oriented and friendly environment. I admire how they work well as a team to get the job done but still find time to have fun and make the most of every day.

What are your plans after interning at Sain?

After my internship, I plan to graduate from UAB in August with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. In the future, I hope to work for a state Department of Transportation, preferably in Georgia or Alabama.

What advice do you have for prospective interns?

I would advise future interns always to make the most of any opportunity. Be ready to learn, and do not be afraid to speak up and ask questions. I would also advise future interns to network and create bonds with those they work alongside because one may never know how impactful those individuals may be on their future or career.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to go hiking at Red Mountain Park or binge-watch my favorite movies or series.