Happy Mother’s Day from Sain Associates!

As Mother’s Day approaches, we sat down with Becky White and Alicia Bailey to discuss being a working mom and how to balance both career life and mom life.

Alicia who currently has three young children, explained how she has exactly nine minutes to drive in the driveway, get her boys and drive to baseball practice. Stray French fries in the car is evidence of their crazy, on-the-go schedule.

Becky, whose children are now grown, recalled how difficult it was balancing work demands when there were unexpected crises with her kids. One especially tough time was getting a call from daycare to pick her daughter up after she had bitten someone. A new nickname, “Jaws”, came from that experience and luckily, they can both look back today and laugh about it.

Mary Hope is a mom to two fur babies. Having k-9 kids is obviously not exactly the same, but in many aspects they are similar. Mary Hope also got a call from daycare saying she had to come immediately and pick up her baby because Brody, her 40-lb pup, had intimidated a Great Dane.

Being a mom is tough! Balancing work life and mom life can be even more difficult, but it’s also very rewarding. So, thank you mothers for everything you do! Happy Mother’s Day from Sain Associates!