Excellence in Airport Planning

I began working in aviation services back in 1985 with GW Jones & Sons Consulting Engineers, Inc. at the Huntsville International Airport. Little did I know then that this would mark the beginning of a lifelong passion for airport development. Since joining Sain Associates in 2020, I’ve had the pleasure of adding aviation as a new service line to the company’s already rich civil engineering portfolio.

Over the years, I have been involved in several remarkable projects that have left a lasting impact on the airports served. One aspect that sets Sain Associates apart is our ability to provide a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to the needs of our aviation clients.

One project of note was the Runway 18-36 Rehabilitation at the Huntsville Executive Airport.This endeavor demanded meticulous planning and coordination with ALDOT Aeronautics, the FAA Jackson ADO Office, and the local FAA Facilities personnel to close the runway each evening and re-open the runway the next morning during the milling and paving operation. This allowed the airport to remain open to traffic during daylight hours and required an extensive safety and phasing plan. Approximately 8,300 tons of asphalt was milled and overlayed within eight nights of paving. The successful execution of this project was a testament to our commitment to safety and strategic project management.

Another project that showcased our expertise was the construction of corporate hangars at the Huntsville Executive Airport. The growing demand for large hangars led to our involvement in designing and constructing eight state-of-the-art hangars. We took care of every detail, from grading and drainage to concrete and asphalt paving, and implemented an oil/water separator to meet ADEM’s Industrial Permit requirements. Through our administrative support and grant writing expertise, we secured the $500k grant funding that enabled the airport authority to fund this significant project.

Land acquisition has always been a crucial aspect of airport development. For the Huntsville Executive Airport, we facilitated the acquisition of approximately 90 acres of property west of the airport with access to US Hwy 231. Our team conducted comprehensive surveys, coordinated with appraisers, and provided grant administration for this effort. We ensured compliance with FAA and NEPA standards. Obtaining a FONSI from the FAA marked a major milestone, allowing us to lay the groundwork for future hangars, a new terminal building, and industrial development.

Sain is currently providing airport planning services for the Huntsville International Airport. We have three projects under construction that will be completed in the next few months. There will be an employee parking lot that provides an additional 249 parking spaces for staff, a cell phone parking lot with 71 spaces, and an extension to the Air Cargo South Access Road. The access road, located on the east side of the airport, will be extended approximately 2,500 feet.

As I continue to work alongside our talented team of professionals, I am excited about the future of airport development. With Sain Associates’ expertise and passion for innovation, I am confident that we will continue to shape the aviation landscape, delivering sustainable and efficient solutions for airports across the southeast. Together, we will pave the way for a brighter future in airport planning and engineering.