International Women in Engineering Day

Happy International Women in Engineering Day (INWED)! Created in 2014 by the Women’s Engineering Society, INWED is a global campaign dedicated to promoting the education and employment of females in the engineering industry. Women (and men) worldwide can help raise the profile of women engineers and encourage more people to consider engineering as a profession.Each year, INWED offers content sharing the importance of diversity in engineering. Due to the worldwide pandemic, 2020 INWED events are virtual and framed around this year’s theme: “Shape the World.”

The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) is the oldest women’s engineering organization in the world. It was established after World War I to support and inspire women in engineering and technical professions. In 2020, WES continues to be the voice of women engineers through its professional network supporting women in engineering, promoting engineering as a potential career to female students, and helping companies achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To honor INWED, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 things that our readers can do to participate:

  1. Attend an INWED virtual event – Visit the official INWED schedule, and check out the full range of events taking place globally.
  2. Like, Share, Tweet and Follow – Let’s get #INWED2020 trending! Share empowering stories of female engineers, and tag @WES1919 and use the hashtags #INWED2020 and #ShapeTheWorld.
  3. Encourage students to get involved – With it being summertime, many children are spending more time at home and looking for something fun to do. Visit INWED’s resources page and take advantage of its educational materials. You can inspire the next generation of engineers!

We’re thrilled that we can celebrate the accomplishments of women engineers around the world—and within our very own offices at Sain. INWED is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all women who shape the world through engineering.