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Drones are the Future of Surveying

Drones are the future of Surveying, Urban Planning, Land Management, and Construction/Earthwork/Quantities. Whether measuring cut & fill, performing as-built surveys, boosting quarry productivity, or gathering planning information, drones can change the way professionals gather and measure data. Check out the video to see what we covered at our drone demonstration.

Get Counted in 2020 Census!

Did you know the census is mandated by the US Constitution in Article 1, Section 2?  The first decennial census was conducted in 1790 and has been conducted every 10 years since.  The purpose of the census is to apportion Congressional Representatives and taxes, by population.  The census counts the population in all 50 states,…
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From Intern to Engineer

Summer may seem far away, but here at Sain Associates, we are already searching for our next student intern for the summer of 2020.  In 2016, I had the chance to intern over the summer at Sain and gained invaluable experience working alongside Sain’s engineers.  As I approach my three-year anniversary in working a full-time…
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Why We Love Sain – Our Culture

In 1972, Hack Sain founded Sain Associates, and in our training room, we have a framed shadow box of Hack’s old design instruments. Although these tools are now relics, they reflect our history and remind us of how much we have evolved. Just as engineering has moved forward, incorporating better technology, our firm has continued…
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Sain Summit – 2019 Networking

Recently Becky White, Darren Hamrick, and Joe Meads represented Sain Associates at a lunch hosted by Brenda Phillips, President/COO of Sain Engineering Associates (SEA), and other key staff. We affectionately call this a “Sain Summit.” Sain Associates was founded in 1972 by Charles Sain, and Steve Sain founded Sain Engineering in 1988. Our founders were…
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Sain Associates Wins 2019 Excellence in Construction Awards

Sain Associates is extremely proud to have won both of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama Excellence in Construction Awards for Civil Engineering at the 30th Anniversary Awards event on October 17th. Our work at the 2200 Magnolia Building in Birmingham won 1st place and our work at the Veterans Affairs Health Clinic in Mobile, Alabama won 2nd place….
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Walktober – Wellness Program

This October Sain Associates is stepping up our physical activity in a friendly walking competition, Walktober.  Sain has five teams competing to be Walktober Winners, and the teams are sporting team badges to display their creative names and team pride. The Walktober challenge is part of a new wellness program we started this year. During…
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2019 Spirit of Lauren Award

On October 8 our Sain family celebrated the Spirit of Lauren Award, an annual award given in memory of Lauren Nickles, our friend and co-worker. At the celebration, we shared an old-fashioned breakfast, which was one of Lauren’s favorite things. Lauren’s mother, children and aunt were present with us to honor Lauren’s memory and celebrate…
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Prattville Industrial Access Road Project

Construction Engineering & Inspection (CE&I) is a critical component of every engineering project. The City of Prattville selected Sain to provide CE&I services for two Industrial Access Road projects last year – one for a 1.2-mile industrial road and one for 0.6-mile spur road off of the primary industrial road in Prattville South Industrial Park….
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