Advanced Leadership Program Recap: Cultivating Growth and Impact

For this week’s blog, we asked Chandra Storrusten, CEO of Visible Value, to share about Sain’s latest leadership program. Developed and led by Storrusten, the program was an incredible journey of exploration and growth for the participants – equipping and empowering them with powerful frameworks, a growth mindset, and a clear vision for continued leadership impact.

The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) was custom designed for the firm’s current and future senior leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness, cultivate growth mindsets, and prepare them for advancement within the organization.

The ALP began with a comprehensive 360 assessment to thoroughly understand the strengths and development areas of the leadership team and each participant. These insights were used to tailor the first Leadership Intensive Workshop, setting the stage for a transformative learning journey. This interactive workshop brought participants together to co-create new possibilities, fostering creative, innovative, growth-oriented, and transformational leadership development. It promoted collaboration and open-mindedness, allowing leaders to build deeper connections and trust within the team.

The workshop focused on developing specific leadership competencies to support personal growth and enhance the firm’s organizational culture, further fostering an environment of continuous improvement. Through structured activities, individuals shared their strengths and areas for growth, building on the firm’s core values to encourage humility, self-awareness, and candidness. Participants not only developed critical leadership skills but also learned to apply them in real-world scenarios, driving both personal and organizational success.

Building on the 360 assessments and workshop insights, each participant created a tailored Individual Development Plan with five specific goals for the duration of the program. Throughout the year, ALP participants worked together with buddies and in small groups to grow as leaders and achieve their goals. This facilitated process included reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and applying the skills to real-world scenarios. Participants regularly convened as a leadership team to reflect deeply, exchange valuable insights, learn from each other’s perspectives, and co-create a leadership ethos to guide the firm’s future.

The program culminated in a capstone workshop, bringing together all the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the ALP. Participants engaged in complex discussions and activities, sharing their growth and insights while receiving feedback from peers. This final workshop not only reinforced effective leadership principles but also solidified the bonds formed among participants, creating a more cohesive group of supportive, forward-thinking leaders prepared to drive the firm’s continued growth and success.

The program concluded with custom 360 assessments to measure the participants’ growth as a team and individuals and were used to create new Individual Development Plans, serving as blueprints for their ongoing leadership journey.

Overall, the ALP was an incredible journey of exploration and growth for the participants, equipping and empowering them with powerful frameworks, a growth mindset, and a clear vision for continued leadership impact. The ALP participants’ commitment to vulnerability and hard work transformed their approach to both leadership and business. By embracing a growth mindset, they shifted their focus from managing day-to-day operations to strategically working on the business itself.

“Leadership and ownership transition have always been top of mind, and we prioritize leadership training as we prepare the next generation of leaders. As leaders, we should always feel the need to continue growing and never feel as if we have ‘arrived.’ Fast forward to now, we have seen tremendous results from this program. Even our seasoned leaders have gained new skills, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in preparing us for future challenges. We are grateful to Chandra for custom developing this program, aligning it with our unique needs and individual development plans.”

Jim Meads, P.E., President / CEO of Sain Associates