50 Years of Problem-Solving

Sain’s 50th anniversary includes all the qualities of a great American success story – vision, hard work, and collaboration.

Charles “Hack” Sain, PE, founded our firm with the vision to transform the relationship between engineers and property developers into one of mutual respect, where the engineer provides leadership and problem-solving on behalf of the client. Mr. Sain’s challenge for us not to be a “drafting” service still drives those of us who worked with him. Being a leader and problem solver moves our relationship from simply providing a commodity to being a valued team member.

Collaborative communication is essential internally, but it’s equally important externally. The quality of our work is always important, of course, but our ability to communicate with clients is also crucial. Collaboration is the foundation for finding a solution for our clients’ needs. 

When working on specific projects, Sain takes a teaming approach. We work with other firms that might sometimes be competitors of ours, but we collaborate for the good of the project and the client. We may have services the other firm does not, or they may offer an area of expertise we don’t, but when we join forces, all parties benefit. Successful teaming requires trust among team members.

In most cases, problem-solving is a team effort as there is much benefit to having multiple viewpoints. Problem-solving and collaboration go hand-in-hand, and they speak to our tagline – Engineering Better Partnerships. Whether internally in our firm or externally with clients, we want to be a true partner in any way we can. 

Throughout May, we will explore projects that involve innovative problem-solving. Stay tuned to upcoming blogs and follow along on social media as we showcase interesting and exciting project stories.