2022 Spirit of Lauren Award

2022 Spirit of Lauren Winner: Caroline Young

On October 11th, our Sain family gathered for the 6th annual Spirit of Lauren Award, an award given in memory of Lauren Nickles, our beloved friend and coworker. Lauren worked with Sain for thirteen years before she passed away in 2017 after a courageous battle with cancer. We celebrated her memory with a company-wide, old-fashioned breakfast, which was one of Lauren’s favorite things. We were excited to have Lauren’s mother, aunt, and children present with us to honor her legacy and celebrate another Spirit of Lauren Award winner.

Through this award, we recognize an employee who exemplifies hospitality, kindness, commitment, persistence, and a positive attitude – characteristics we admired in Lauren during her time with Sain. Our 2022 recipient of the Spirit of Lauren Award is Caroline Young. Caroline, our HR Manager, is a valued member of our Sain family and is considered a leader among her peers. Below are some of the things Caroline’s coworkers shared about her:

“Her encouragement has reminded me so much of Lauren. Sometimes the love and care we show each other when nobody else knows about it are so meaningful. Caroline is intentional about caring for others, just like Lauren was.”

“Caroline brings a joyful attitude to the office. She not only excels at her job but also puts a lot of time and effort into making Sain a better place to work.”

The Spirit of Lauren Award provides a $500 gift card and a $500 contribution to an engineering or healthcare charity selected by the recipient. Caroline has selected the Lymphoma Foundation of America for her charitable donation.

Congratulations, Caroline! You embody the kind of character that makes Sain Associates a better company. We are grateful to have you as part of the Sain family.