One of our principals celebrates a significant work anniversary this month. Vann Rutledge has been part of the Sain Associates team for 15 years!

Vann’s career journey could be what some consider a winding path. After college, Vann started his career as a teller/loan processor at a credit union. He eventually decided to go back to school for his masters and worked as a graduate co-op for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in the budgeting office. He had the misfortune (turned out to be good fortune) of graduating the year that NASA instituted their first hiring freeze since the 1970s, thus leaving Vann without a job. However, the contacts he made at NASA helped him get a position with a local government contractor working on a NASA contract. Having a background in finance, understanding the internal workings of NASA, and having some computer programming experience allowed Vann to lead a team of programmers developing a database program designed to track cost and scientific results on NASA sponsored microgravity projects. A few years passed and the same company was looking for an Assistant Controller in their accounting department. This proved to be a great opportunity for Vann to get back into the accounting field. Several years later, Vann began working for another government contractor as their Financial Manager/Controller. His next move would lead him to Sain Associates as a Corporate Controller and eventually as the CFO.

In Vann’s role as CFO, he enjoys negotiating and getting the best deal. With a role focused on the financial performance of the firm, he says that the best thing he can do to help Sain is to get the best price from vendors that we use every day.

Vann says that his favorite part of Sain is the people. Employees are like family, and they make it a great place to work.

While Vann is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. His daughter enjoys ballet while his son plays soccer. As with many families, they stay somewhat busy going to practices, games, or performances with their children. The important thing is to spend time together and to find activities the entire family loves to do. Vann says that their new family hobby is to go bike riding.

Vann, we thank you for your years of service. We look forward to the next 15!