Tracy Rushing began as a part-time receptionist at Sain Associates but has recently taken on a full-time position as an Administrative Assistant. In this role, she operates the front desk and is one of the first smiling faces you see as you enter the office. Some of her responsibilities include meetings and scheduling, travel arrangements, and other administrative tasks. Tracy enjoys the variety of the job as no workday is ever the same, and she genuinely likes helping others solve problems.

Tracy’s favorite aspect of working for Sain is the work environment. She enjoys the relaxed work environment and the company culture that Sain offers. Tracy is an active member of the Funtime Committee and helps organize monthly birthday celebrations and other company outings.

Tracy is a recent newlywed and lives in Shelby County with her husband Kenny and their four dogs. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys doing DIY projects around the house, such as woodworking, painting, and remodeling. Tracy loves spending time with her daughter, Payton, and her two bonus children, Kensley and Kade.