Becky White celebrates 25 years of service with Sain Associates this month.  She came to Sain as Jim Meads’ first hire when he started a traffic engineering practice for the firm.  Over the years she has progressed from Traffic Designer to Project Manager, Vice President, and now Principal/Owner.  She says she is indebted to Sain for allowing her to create a job description that fits her particular gifts and talents.  Each work day brings a variety of challenges, and that’s what keeps her interested and energized. She especially enjoys mentoring staff members and nurturing long-term relationships with clients, some of whom she has worked closely with for over 20 years.


Here are some interesting tidbits about Becky:

  • Her parents were missionaries in Nigeria when she was as child.
  • She majored in art at Furman University.
  • She came to work in the engineering industry through a job as a draftsman.
  • She’s married and has two grown children.  One child is a mathematician and the other is completing a degree in art.
  • In her free time Becky loves visiting museums, reading books, traveling and enjoying time outdoors.