Chief Financial Officer | Owner

Corporate Secretary
Corporate Executive Committee

Vann has 24 years of experience in the accounting field working with external clients and managing corporate financial operations. Clients have included NASA, US Department of Defense, state/local governments, as well as the private sector.

  • Corporate Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • FAR Audits
  • IT Management
  • Database Design
  • Software Implementation
About Vann:

Vann has always had a fascination with the idea of space travel. Early in his career, he was employed by NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center while obtaining his MBA. At NASA, he was able to get an inside view of space flight from engineers that worked on Apollo programs as well as current scientists and astronauts. In 2010, Vann was able to check off an item on his “bucket list” by viewing a Space Shuttle launch in person. Now he spends most of his time away from work with his two young children, teaching Sunday School, and serving as the church Finance Committee Chairman. When time allows, he enjoys playing golf or attending a college football game.