Branch Manager | Louisiana

Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning

Diane has 13 years of transportation engineering experience and serves as the Branch Manager for Sain’s Mandeville, Louisiana branch office. She has extensive experience with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and has completed projects in all Gulf Coast states.

  • Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Roundabout Studies and Design
  • Crash Analysis
  • Safety Studies
  • Traffic Signal and System Designs
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling
  • Access Management Reviews
  • DOT Permitting
Memberships | Awards:
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers, Deep South and Alabama Sections
  • 2011 W. Hibbett Neel Award, Deep South Section ITE
  • Gulf Region Intelligent Transportation Society, 2014-2015 Treasurer
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar, Louisiana Chapter, Founding Member and Treasurer