Why You Need to Worry About Wastewater Management

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I’m working on a project right now for a client who’s developing an industrial operations center for 120 employees. The client purchased the site for a really great price, but as with any deal like that, there was a catch – there were no utilities at the site when the client purchased it. Utilities had to be extended to the site, including sanitary sewer or wastewater services. The client is currently navigating through the process of getting cooperation from the local sewer authority, but they don’t know yet if they’re going to be successful in getting the administrators of this system to extend the sewer lines to them.

When we looked at the project initially, we were quick to point out the lack of sewer service as an issue to be resolved. Fortunately, because of our experience, we provided multiple solutions for the client, including a decentralized wastewater treatment system. We allocated space on the property and did enough due diligence research to know they had multiple options if they could not get cooperation from the existing sewer administrator. Providing guidance through that process with the client really emphasized the importance of considering wastewater disposal very early in the project-development process and having multiple options for negotiating that process.

Our knowledge of wastewater treatment allows us to help people solve their site development problems, which is vital for community development. Quite often, there are parts of cities and towns that struggle for years to grow because of the lack of utilities – especially wastewater treatment. There are families who want to live there, or businesses who want to build there, but growth is limited because of the lack of wastewater disposal. One specific case we’re working on (in cooperation with our Tennessee office) involves the busy intersection of U.S. Highway 64 and Interstate 65. There’s tremendous opportunity to grow that corridor, and there are numerous businesses interested in locating there. But the limitation is – you guessed it – wastewater services. We’ve worked with the local authorities and the State of Tennessee to assist them in developing a 50,000 GPD decentralized wastewater treatment system near that intersection. Having sewer services available at this location will now allow economic development officials to grow this corridor, and to be prepared for the next large industry to locate here. We’ve been able to help city economic development officials put together a plan that will help them be successful, where they wouldn’t have been in the past.

When you’re considering new development projects, you definitely need to look into your wastewater management options. And even if you face a hurdle with availability of certain utilities, Sain Associates can likely put together options that will help your project move forward in the most cost-effective manner.

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