Where to Find a PechaKucha

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PechaKuchaPK is a simple presentation format where you talk about 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically, so your presentation is limited to 6 minutes and 40 seconds. At Sain Associates, we are hosting PechaKucha presentations from staff members at our bi-monthly company breakfast.

PechaKucha presentations were first introduced to Sain staff by Becky White. During Becky’s time as an officer in the Southern District of ITE, she would visit meetings at the different ITE Sections within the Southern District. She attended a Section meeting in North Carolina, where young members had started an initiative to make meetings more fun. One of their technical sessions was a PechaKucha session. She brought the idea back to Alabama, and now the Alabama Section uses a variation of the PechaKucha format in the Spring Section Meeting for ITE Student Chapters to provide an update on their activities. Sain introduced it into their 2016 Strategic Plan as a way to engage millennials and encourage updates from staff members on current projects and services, all while fostering development of presentation skills.

It’s no secret most engineers are known for their love of charts, tables, and formulas. PechaKucha is intended to be different. You present with pictures. You don’t have time to get in the weeds, and it is easy to keep the audience engaged when you only have 20 seconds per slide. A good PechaKucha will be full of images and allow the presenter to tell a story.

Sain’s PechaKucha initiative gives everyone an opportunity to hear a little high level information about what is going on with each team in the firm. It gives staff an opportunity to gain presentation experience and display their talents. Everyone has done a really good job injecting their own sense of humor into the presentations, as they are presented in a casual and comfortable environment.

All in all, PechaKucha has been well received by the staff. Employees are generally excited to present on topics in which they have ownership and feel passionate. Our senior staff members have loved hearing our younger staff members talk about their work and what they have learned.  PechaKucha has gone so well that we plan to continue hosting these presentations into next year.

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