What Our Thanksgiving Tables Look Like

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thanksgiving food onlyIt’s been a great year at Sain Associates, and we’re very thankful for many blessings in our professional and personal lives. On Friday, November 20, 2015, we celebrated with our annual Thanksgiving lunch. We had employees and their families in attendance, plus our old neighbors from Sain Centre, Jensen Shipping, who we always enjoy spending time with.

We had a delicious spread – turkey and ham from Full Moon BBQ, and many wonderful side dishes and desserts provided by employees.

All this food got us thinking……what kind of cooks are we at Sain, and what kind of food do we enjoy most? The Thanksgiving meal is the perfect time to collect and analyze this information, which we did through a quick and easy poll.

When it comes to eating, we like side dishes, especially dressing! Almost 27% of us said side dishes are our favorite with dressing being number one. Close to 96% of us eat our Thanksgiving meal at home or at the home of a relative, rather than going out to eat at a restaurant. We almost all eat our meal around midday, not in the evening. Since we’re eating at home, we’re doing a lot of cooking, and about 90% of respondents said they make homemade contributions to the meal.

So what do we typically contribute? We like to eat side dishes AND make them.

  • Appetizer – 3.7%
  • Main dish – 18.52%
  • Side dish – 37.04%
  • Drinks – 11.11%
  • Dessert – 11.11%
  • Nothing – 3.84%

The fact that we have such a bounty on our Thanksgiving tables is something we are all very thankful for as we remember those who are less fortunate. Many of us in America have so much, and the things we worry about are minute in importance compared to the challenges faced by people living in less developed countries. Our prayer and hope is that one day all communities will be able to enjoy a plentiful feast like we are fortunate to experience at Thanksgiving.

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