Water Filters to Foster Hope in Honor of Our Clients

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In years past, we have enjoyed participating in various community service projects and holiday initiatives, such as Operation Christmas Child and Canstruction.

This year, one of our employees introduced us to an organization called Designs for Hope, a non-profit that provides sustainable energy, clean water and other innovative designs to disciple makers who work in developing countries.

During the Thanksgiving season, we gave thanks for civil engineering, remembering those who live daily without basic necessities. Designs for Hope provides resources that we may often take for granted. Clean running water and electricity are a part of our daily lives and the thought of not having them is unimaginable to us. But many people can’t imagine what it’s like to have them.

As civil engineers, we loved the idea of helping provide products and services related to engineering that can help change people’s lives. We are happy to have made a donation to Designs for Hope to purchase water filters in honor of our clients.

Designs for Hope leads multiple trips every year to work with their partners around the globe. Learn more about the organization here.

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