Update From ACEC Leadership Development Series

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By: Tony Montanaro, P.E.

I was selected to be Sain’s representative in this year’s ACEC Leadership Development Series. I am truly honored to join a group of folks from Architecture and Engineering firms from around the state of Alabama, as we dig into what it means to lead in an A&E firm. It’s a great privilege to be sponsored by Sain to be able to develop and sharpen my skills as a leader.

Prior to this Leadership Development Series, I was not very familiar with ACEC as an organization and what it meant to be a member, even though I knew Sain was. ACEC is the American Council of Engineering Companies. The primary mission of the organization is to strengthen the business environment for our member firms through government advocacy, political action, and business education.

One of the Alabama chapter’s branches of business education is this Leadership Development Program. Member companies can sponsor one of their employees to partake in this 5 part series to take a deep dive into their leadership capabilities and potential. We started up our 1st of 5 monthly meetings in January, and will close in May.

The first couple sessions were geared to be a little more introspective. We got the opportunity to hear stories from several experienced leaders about how they got where they are now and a few things they have learned along the way. In the second session we had the chance to retreat a little bit to Pursell Farms down in Sylacauga, AL. We dug deep into our Birkman Method profile map and discovered a little more how we function best and how to cope with our responses to stress. It didn’t hurt to have lovely surroundings, and a little bit of golf. This most recent session in March down in Daphne, AL was geared a little more to the business side of things, in an MBA crash course tailored to A&E firms. It was definitely a great learning experience to take a look under the hood and get a glimpse into how the machine of business runs.

We have two sessions remaining, and I look forward to continue furthering my leadership capabilities and potential with a group of great folks from similar surroundings in the A&E world.

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