The Next 10 Years at Sain Associates

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Sain’s current corporate leadership team: (left to right) Jim Meads, Joe Meads, Vann Rutledge, Becky White

The recent economic recession has reinforced our belief that a leader should be cautious about making bold predictions for the future. There are so many external forces at play in today’s business climate. With that said, however, we are anticipating slow, steady, smart growth for Sain in the next decade.

Our growth plans are based on principle-centered measures of success. We want to continue to be a great place to work, where employees have challenging and rewarding opportunities for development and where their families are supported and nurtured. We want to continue to help customers achieve their goals by providing value in our professional services. Ultimately we are focused on creating a legacy of positive impact in our community.

The economic downturn provided an unanticipated opportunity to re-tool our business.  We’ve used the last few years to reorganize, cut expenses, add new services and position our firm to prosper and grow as the overall economy improves.

We have a strong leadership team that has been made stronger through adversity. Our service area leaders, diversity of services and excellent reputation are a great base for future success.

By 2022 Sain will very likely be on the threshold of its fourth generation of leadership.  Leadership development and succession planning will be critical tasks in this fifth decade, just as they have been in previous decades.

We’ll keep spending a lot of time emphasizing collaboration in the next 10 years – internally and externally. We work hard to improve our internal collaboration in terms of how our teams work together. We’ve made a lot of progress on that in the last few years and want to keep moving forward.

We also work in teams externally by partnering with other firms who some might regard as competitors. There may be some services we can provide for a project they can’t and vice versa. We like this win/win approach to business. It is something that sets us apart, and it will continue to be part of our culture and a core value of the company.

Technology will continue to be a big part of our business. In surveying, new scanning technology and advances in subsurface utility engineering will enhance and alter the way we do business. In civil engineering and transportation design, software automation and visualization for design processes continue to expand and create new opportunities. In transportation, there are huge opportunities in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) deployment and an approaching wave of focus on sustainability in transportation design.

Regardless of the changes in technology, the most important part of our business will continue to be our relationships. People do business with people they trust. Information has never changed anybody’s life, but relationships do. That’s where we really hope to make a difference.


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