The Business of Having Fun

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IceCream_CultureIt’s the beginning of another new year. This is a time when many people are busy setting personal and professional goals, making resolutions and in general, trying to get a fresh start.

And while we all do these things to get ready for a new year at Sain Associates, we’re also already thinking about all the FUN we’re going to have in 2016. Our Funtime Committee will play a big part in these plans.

Similar to a party planning committee, the Funtime Committee was established years ago during Randy Sain’s tenure as President as part of his initiative to make Sain “a great place to work.” He wanted employees to have input into planning company-sponsored social activities.

The idea stuck, and the committee now meets monthly with five members, including a representative from each department. It’s something we enjoy because having opportunities for everyone to spend down-time together helps us get to know each other better. That definitely translates to a higher camaraderie around the office. It’s so important to all of us that we are known for being trustworthy, experienced, forehanded and collaborative, but it’s also very important to us that we know each other well on a more personal level.

We plan many inter-office events, such as monthly birthday celebrations, Valentine’s Day treats, a Halloween costume contest, parking lot picnic, Thanksgiving lunch and our Christmas party. For Christmas, we also organize a service project, like packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Every spring we plan a night at the ballpark to attend a Birmingham Barons baseball game at Regions Park. This is always a fun event that is our best attended activity by employees and their families. In 2015, we held our first fishing event at Lake George that was a big hit, so we have plans to do that again this year for an afternoon of fishing and fellowship. We love that sometimes our activities go beyond just having fun, like at Lake George when we had a photoshoot with employees to create new brand images for Sain.

This year we are also planning to do a couple of service projects in the summer. We are still in the planning stages of choosing which projects to get involved with, but there are so many needs that we know we will be able to find great causes to donate our time and resources to.

For those who do not have a similar committee in your workplace, we would definitely recommend creating one as we start 2016. It has been a great initiative at Sain Associates!

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