The Best Things About Independence Day

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4th of julyWe asked our employees what the best things are about the Fourth of July, and the answers were pretty unanimous. Everyone loves that this is a holiday that brings friends and families together.

This important summer holiday is always perfect for cook outs, swimming at the pool or lake or doing some fishing with friends. In fact, we just held a fishing event with our Sain Associates employees and their families last weekend and had fun not only spending time together, but also working together on a little project. (More on this to come in next week’s blog post!)

Here are thoughts from a few employees about why Independence Day is such a special holiday:

“Fourth of July has always been a family celebrated holiday for us. We are planning to attend the Bailey Annual Fourth of July party in Georgia and are looking forward to visiting and spending time with our family.” Alicia Bailey, Transportation Team Leader

“The holiday is an important one, because it’s a time when we can celebrate gaining our independence. For me personally, it’s also a celebration of my parent’s wedding anniversary. Our plans this year include spending the entire weekend at our Elk River cabin in Rogersville, Alabama. We will be barbequing, riding jet-skis, boating, shooting fireworks and reminiscing with family and friends.” Richard Holt, P.E., Tennessee Branch Manager

“I love the Fourth of July for the excitement that surrounds this holiday. It’s always been a time to enjoy family and friends while celebrating our great country’s birthday. And let’s face it, everyone loves fireworks!!! This is my favorite holiday because despite her flaws, America is still the best country in the world.” Julie Conn, Executive Assistant

“I love hearing the patriotic songs every Fourth of July. My favorite is America the Beautiful. These songs remind me how grateful I am to be an American citizen and how much men and women from every generation have sacrificed so that we can live in freedom.” Becky White, Vice President/Organizational Development

“My favorite thing about of the Fourth of July is watching a fireworks show while the National Anthem is played in the background. The show gives me chills and makes me feel full of pride to be an American. I’m so proud of those who serve and defend our country.” Lauren Nickles, Traffic Designer

“The Fourth of July is important for me because it is when we separated ourselves as a nation and established our independence from Great Britain. We haven’t made any plans yet, but my favorite things are spending time with family and friends, BBQ, homemade ice cream and a special sense of pride in the greatest nation that has ever existed.” Mark Randall, E.I.

“The holiday is important to me because it always brings our family together. Having veterans in the family, it makes me ‘proud to be an American’ (as Lee Greenwood sings) to see how family veterans and other veterans honor this day. Watching fireworks symbolizes the sights our forefathers witnessed in trying to create the free country that we live in.” Lawren Pratt, P.E., LEED AP, Site Engineering Team Leader

“In recent years the Fourth has been a great bonding experience for my community in New Orleans. I usually ride my bike with some friends to the man-made Lake Pontchartrain inlet called Bayou St. John, where people set up tables and chairs and/or bring their barbecue pits to the banks of the bayou or on the bridges over the bayou to watch the fireworks over the city. My favorite thing to do is to go kayaking in the bayou when I can get my hands on one and watch the display while on the water. That’s the best!” Reece Rodrigue, E.I., Traffic Designer

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