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bonny oaksWhen our Survey Department was awarded the surveying responsibilities for the Bonny Oaks Drive project in Chattanooga, Tennessee last Fall, we knew it would be the largest survey project Sain Associates had ever been awarded.

The Bonny Oaks Drive project (State Route 317) consisted of an 8.5 mile stretch of roadway located in Hamilton County. Our survey team provided Volkert’s Chattanooga Office with ground run boundary and topographic surveys to assist in the design and engineering of proposed improvements, that included roundabouts, road widening, intersection signaling and safety improvements throughout the corridor.

We dedicated 10 members of our staff to Bonny Oaks Drive due to the overall size and required schedule of the project. Due to the magnitude of this project, we encountered almost every aspect of land surveying. The project included three railroad crossings, 41 side street crossings, two bridge crossings, three cemeteries and two public parks. Bonny Oaks Drive along with side streets ranged from a two lane roadway to areas where the roadway consisted of 5 lanes. Property lines of 324 parcels, including residential, industrial and commercial parcels ranging from 1 acre to 150 acres, were established during the project. Utility coordination with 15 individual utility companies, obtaining maps, requesting locate tickets and verifying locations of utilities were correct, was a daily task during the project.

The project also brought about the opportunity for Sain Associates to utilize new technology. We used a Leica P20 Scan Station to collect 3D scan data in areas along Bonny Oaks Drive to reduce the amount of time field crews were in or near busy intersections. This provided us with accurate topographic locations that were processed and extracted in the office rather than on site to increase safety for the field crews.

With such a large project and so many moving parts, teamwork and personal sacrifices were the biggest keys to completing a high quality project and staying within budget.

When the project was finished and approved in October 2014, the overall results were very successful. Even though we knew in the beginning Bonny Oaks Drive would be a big undertaking for everyone, our team was up to the challenge. The key to success of the project would be determined by every team member’s performance of teamwork and communication.

We were also able to develop a professional and personal relationship with Gary Chapman and Steve Langford from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (Region 2). These guys were instrumental in assisting us with right-of-way and utility plans for all areas of the project. Also, Jeremy Sims, David Yates and James Floyd from Volkert were instrumental in the overall success of the project providing local assistance in utility coordination and overall project coordination.

It was a great opportunity for Sain to complete such a large survey project, but the moral of the project is that with teamwork and dedication among a team of friends, any project has the potential to be successful and enjoyable regardless of the project’s size and location.

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