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The following post is a guest post by Sain’s very own Nathan Currie, Infrastructure Project Manager, on a personal subject: the adoption of his twin daughters. Nathan has graciously chosen to share his story in an effort to show that we at Sain are a family! 

Thank God, we don’t always get what we want in life. My wife, Kim, and I married in 2008 and soon after began the process of planning for the growth of our family. As time passed, it became more evident that biological children might not be part of our family growth plan. It was tough to come to grips with initially, but as a result, we began exploring other ways that we could parent…possibly through adoption or foster care.

We quickly realized there was a world of children in need that we, for the most part, had been totally unaware of up until that point. Looking back, it’s clear to me that God, in His grace, was using our unfulfilled desire to create an opportunity for him to place other children in our home…children that through some painful event beyond their control, needed to become a part of someone’s family growth plan too.

We began the journey of our first adoption in 2012. By the grace of God, less than 2 years later, we brought home 2 beautiful twin girls from China. Long international flights are never easy, but you should try it as a new parent with twins! The flight and the first couple of years were quite an adventure…becoming new parents with 2-year olds who slept like newborns and couldn’t understand my words, but we slowly adjusted and immediately fell in love with our new daughters. Time has passed quickly, and my girls are now about to turn 6. They’re beautiful and doing well, and they bring so much joy to our life! I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

We’re also in the process of adopting again at the moment. This time, we’ll be adopting a child from somewhere here in the US. We hope to receive the call soon, so we’re eager to meet our new son or daughter and welcome another child into our home. I’ll update you in the future and tell you a bit more about our new family addition. We hope there will be others that follow in the future too, as God provides.

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