Who We Are: Sain Executive Committee

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There is an old saying, “who’s minding the store?” In our case, the Sain Executive Committee plays that role so that the company, as a whole, runs smoothly. The Executive Committee is made up of three individuals: Jim Meads (President), Becky White (VP/Organization Development) and myself, Vann Rutledge (VP/Controller). In our own individual roles, the three of us have responsibilities that are related to corporate operations and financial matters which is why we are the members of such a committee.

The Executive Committee was formed in 2011 for the purpose of ensuring close coordination between senior executives concerning the day to day operations of the firm.  Having an established committee forces us to meet monthly and review all aspects of the firm’s operations through a formal agenda. We meet on the third Monday of each month so that it occurs after invoices have been issued and a financial statement is prepared. We review firm performance and outstanding issues in the following categories: financial, technology & equipment, personnel, social media marketing, strategic planning and risk management.

The committee often takes on special projects that are new or large initiatives for the firm.  An example is an initiative to conduct departmental risk assessments this year that came out of 2017 strategic planning. The executive committee’s role is to develop a risk assessment template, provide coaching to team leaders and assemble the team assessments into an overall corporate assessment. Other projects we’ve undertaken have included review of salary and benefits with industry data and updates to the Company Handbook.

When we consider Sain’s four brand words, the one that comes to mind when describing the Executive Committee would be “Forehanded.” Merriam-Webster defines forehanded as being mindful of the future or prudent.  We feel like our role as the executive committee is to look ahead at issues that may affect the firm so that we do the best job we can to take care of our employees and our business. Our role is not just to report what has happened, but to anticipate issues and plan for the future.  Similar to hitting a forehand shot in tennis, it helps to be in the right position.

Having an Executive Committee has worked great for our business.  The strengths of each member complement the others.  Having an Executive Committee fits Jim Meads’ collaborative leadership style and sets an example for the culture we want in our company.

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