A Sain Christmas Story

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a-sain-christmas-storyPosted by Becky White, P.T.P., VP/Organization Development

 It’s that time of year again: the weather has turned chilly, the Christmas tree is decorated in the lobby, and it seems that everyone is scrambling to tie up loose ends before they tend to their holiday plans. Though it’s supposed to be a cheerful time of year, it can often become stressful! So a few of our staff at Sain decided to prepare something special for our company Christmas party to spread some holiday laughter.

Thus, A Sain Christmas Story was born. It was a true labor of love created as a secret project by a few of our very own “elves.” They quietly put together a story complete with plenty of inside jokes and oddball pictures. The story depicts our President/CEO, Jim, as Santa whose workshop is running out of control right before Christmas. Santa Jim visits all of his elves who each have their own santa-jimresponsibilities in the workshop. At first, the elves are distraught – something is just not right, and Santa Jim can’t figure it out. He receives lots of complaints but few solutions until he finally pays a visit to his trusted confidante, Ms. Becky Claus. In typical fashion, Becky Claus has words of advice and a strategic plan.  With some optimism from Santa Jim and encouragement and teamwork from the elf leaders, the workshop gradually gets back on track.  Soon the elves are cheerfully churning out high quality toys and finish their work just in time for Christmas.

The reading of A Sain Christmas Story was received with much laughter at our company Christmas party on December 2.  It certainly set the tone for a very merry December at picture1Sain.  The bar has been set high for next year!  We’ll see who rises to the challenge in 2017 to write and produce A Sain Christmas Story, the Sequel.

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