Sain Associates New Brand Revealed at Client Appreciation Fish Fry

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4 imagesA big thank you to everyone who attended our Client Appreciation Fish Fry on Friday, September 11, 2015! (See pictures from the event here) We had a great turn out and enjoyed spending time with clients, co-workers and colleagues and were proud to reveal our new branding images that we’ve been working on for several months.

In recent years, we have focused a lot of effort on building the Sain brand through social media, but we felt like it was time to take our efforts to the next level and examine how our brand communicates our distinctive qualities in the marketplace. To start this process, we examined our strengths and our current branding strategy. Next, our principals and team leaders participated in a shaping session.

In the shaping session, we considered dozens of words to identify those we felt best define us as a company. Here are the four we came up with:

  1. Trustworthy — able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right, deserving of trust
  2. Experienced — made skillful or wise from doing something, practiced, accomplished
  3. Forehanded — mindful of the future, forward-thinking, visionary
  4. Collaborative — working together toward a common end, characterized or accomplished by cooperation

As we continued with our rebranding, these four words were repeatedly reinforced as terrific descriptors of how Sain Associates approaches our work and business relationships. The words helped us define and differentiate ourselves as “Trusted Advisors.” This means that we want to have personal and proactive partnerships with clients that are centered on longevity, innovation and value-creation beyond the project.

We felt like hands are representative of all four words, so when coming up with branding imagery, we had a photoshoot at a company fishing event where we literally got our hands dirty to create images. When our words and images came together, it was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together to create a pictorial story of who we are.

We are carrying the idea of a puzzle into our brand collateral templates, including business cards, proposal cover pages, notecards, envelopes and more, and incorporated them with our four images.

Lastly, in our rebranding efforts, we have a small but significant change to our logo and a new tagline. The colors of our logo are still green, but the shades are a little different, and we dropped “Consulting Engineers & Surveyors,” which no longer fully encompassed the broad range of services we offer. Instead, we now have a tagline that says “Engineering better partnerships,” which sums up what Sain Associates is all about.

In everything we do with long-standing clients who have become friends and new clients who will come on board with us in the future, we want to be a partner and a trusted advisor. We’re so excited about refreshing and updating our brand, logo and materials. Over the next few weeks, Sain Associates employees will be sharing what our four brand words mean to them.

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